Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snowman Soup

10 days and counting...

We love Christmas in our house and this afternoon was a great time to do a project I have been meaning to find time to do for a while!! Every year I like my daughter to give away home made gifts to all of her aunts, uncles, grandparents ect. This year we decided on homemade Snowman Soup.

What is Snowman Soup, you ask...

It's super easy, super cute and great for all the "hard to buy" for people in your life!!

We started with cone bags. Filled them with 1 cup of hot chocolate, added 1/2 cup of marshmellows, and topped it off with either candy canes (my daughters favorite) or chocolate chips. Twist up the bag, throw a tag on it and voila, homemade goodies!!

We ended up making 15 of them. It only took us 2 hours and my 5yr old did most of the work!!
The tags are double sided and have an adorable snowman soup poem on the other side. My daughter practiced her printing by writing on all, but two, of them. (She was too tired by the end)

I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled to recieve these.
We got the idea from an amazing store in Surrey, BC -
Essential Packaging

Hope you enjoy!!
Happy Holidays!!

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  1. These look sooooo yummy! Love the tag - blue was the perfect mat color :) How great that your daughter could help!!