Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super Girly - Just for Fun!!

Hey Everyone,

I'm back with two girly cards for you.
This first one is one of my favourites in a long time. I wasn't thrilled with my coloring but when the whole card came together - I love it. Something about how muted it is?!! I don't know, it speaks to me...
Anyways, enough about my blabbing, let's just show you the card already :
Detailed shot :

And for the second card :
and a detailed shot :

See, I told you - super girly!!
And a rarity, I'm not playing along with any challenges for these. I just made them, for the sake of making them. Let me know what you think?

thanks, Alexis


  1. Both cards are fab. the colours are great and glad you liked it in the end
    x catherine

  2. Very beautiful colouring of Sweet Blossom. Love how the papers match this soft colours. Gorgeous card!