Monday, August 2, 2010

Had to Share

Hi All,

Just had to pop in and share a few pics taken over the last few days!!
I love summer!!
Great weather, family time, lots of laughs...
Anyways, here are some photos from my 7yr old nieces underwater camera. Who knew they would take such great shots??!! My sister picked up this camera from Costco (under $200.00). It's shock proof and water proof up to 33feet. And it takes really good pictures too!!

Here is us playing in my parents pool!! Love it!!

My niece, Rayla

My daughter, Baelee

My nefew, Linden and I

Head stands

And then one last shot, I have to share. This is from last weekend when we went to Cirque Du Soliel. My daughter insisted on wearing a fairy costume (wings and all!!) I figured, what they hay, atleast she'll fit in??!! And she got so much positive comments that she wants to wear it everywhere, too funny!!

Have I mentioned that I love summer??
Well, gotta run. Maybe I will actually get some of these photos into pages soon??
Fingers crossed!!


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