Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Happy Rememberance Day!!

I woke up this morning at 6:00am  - wasn't very happy because it's a day off and I'm wide awake before 7am, but oh well, what are you gonna do??!! I tried to make the best of it by making some tea and sitting down at my craft desk. I have a bunch of orders that I'm working on, so i knew I wouldn't have any problems figuring out what to do. This morning I had the chance to not only start, but also finish an order for my brother's mother-in-law. I think they turned out absolutely adorable. I used my Sizzix snowman embossing folder and some patterned paper, and voila!! I love the color combo on these. (hope you do too!!)

Another project I finished last night is one for my mom. She loves sunflowers and has asked me for notecards with sunflowers. I picked up a really nice sunflower stamp that i plan on colouring with my Copic markers but I haven't had the time to sit down and color. So I've whipped up some other sunflower cards  using Martha Stewart stickers and cardstock. The ribbon is from Amuse and I also used the Cuttelbug tiny dots embossing folder. Here's how they turned out. (I'm sure my mom will be pleased)

And here's her chistmas order, as well!!

I had alot of time yesterday to be busy, so I also had the chance to complete a large order for my other Brother's girlfriend, Bridgette. Her work has ordered 165 Christmas cards and 2 Hanukah cards. The order is finally complete and ready to be delivered. It took alot of time so I'm thrilled to see it in the box ready to be delivered. I hope they will enjoy them. I really love some of the designs!! (Thanks for the support  - Leslie Canavan Insurance Ltd)

Well gotta run, spending the day with my mom and sister in Vancouver. Hope you all have a nice day. Thanks for dropping by!!

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